I work in both postgraduate and undergraduate levels. My postgraduate duty relates to the teaching of Postgraduate Diploma and postgraduate supervision up to PhD level with a major focus in the contexts of Chinese philosophy and aesthetics, and Asian and Western cross-cultural theory and practice, photography, digital imaging aesthetics and technology. I have particular interest and knowledge in supervising research project that applies traditional Asian/Chinese idea in art practice to contemporary art & design practice. Currently, I am the postgraduate international liaison working on the recruitment and the follow up of academic matter of international students. My recent research interest focuses on the cultural aspects of contemporary photography in China and history of New Zealand Chinese. I am currently the chairman of Photowhisper Incorporated, a society dedicated to New Zealand Chinese photographers; and a member of New Zealand Asian Studies Society. In Hong Kong, I worked as a professional photographer in the advertising industry for twenty years before my immigration to New Zealand in 1994. I was also a founder member of Hong Kong Institute of Professional Photographers (HKIPP) and a member of Hong Kong Designers Association (HKDA).